Disable right mouse buttons or keyboard keys - lock your windows OS

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For about 10 years now BasicMouse kiosk software helps out companies, children, gamers, people with learning disabilities, people with Parkinson's disease by disabling the right mouse click or any configurable mouse key or keyboard key, prevent accidental clicks or it can even merge all mouse keys into one click. Companies / museums, schools use it to let BasicMouse run their computers in kiosk mode because it prevents the computer from being messed with while running only the application you want it to run!

Picture this: you are trying to let your kid play a game on the computer. Within 8 seconds you find yourself either somewhere in you computer configuration where you don´t want to be let alone want your kid to be or your faced with a dozen inappropriate websites...

BasicMouse puts an end to this, it is used by families all over the world, people with learning disabilities use it to get more grip controlling their computers, it´s used in museums, schools, companies, internet cafes and even by gamers who want to control their keyboard / mouse...
BasicMouse runs in the background, and you can configure it to allow only those mouse clicks or key presses on the keyboard you want it to..
For instance: you can create a basic configuration which allows only the left mouse button and the arrow keys on your keyboard to let your kid play a simple game.

Restrict your computer so it only does the stuff you want it to...
Parents, teachers, system administrators, they all use BasicMouse.

Educational software

A really useful program for students and kids:
o Helps them learn to use the mouse.
o Prevents them from accidentally clicking the right mouse button.
o Disables some or all keys of the keyboard.
o Let them learn and achieve goals without being distracted.
o Don't allow them to use other programs outside the BasicBrowser (with fixed url access)

Runs on Windows 10!