The new service of Beast TV by Xtreme TV is a revolutionary service that offers a variety of channels at a lower price. It provides a huge content of movies and shows at a lower price as compared to any other similar service. It provides a variety of channels to all types of customers across the world. It offers an easy-to-use interface to all its customers from the comfort of their homes.

High quality content of Beast TV

The Beast TV IPTV comes with a user-friendly and simple interface. When compared to some other IPTV solutions available in the market, Beast TV offers a lot of high-definition content and some really unique features integrated into it. It supports a variety of devices and even comes at a lower price as compared to its other features and offered content. The interface of this service is very simple and easy-to-operate and it is a complete entertainment solution for all kinds of customers.

 Availability  of web browser

One of the best features of the service is the availability of a ‘web browser’ interface on the web-based interface. This feature allows a user to easily browse through the web pages while using their PCs or mobile devices. This feature is supported on both iOS and android devices. A variety of movies and shows can be watched on the internet while they are being viewed using this web browser interface on your PC or mobile device.


The second best feature of the Beast TV IPTV is its multi-room viewing option. The service provides a huge collection of channels in different rooms and this makes watching various channels in different rooms more interesting and entertaining. The best thing about the TV it is that it allows users to manage their subscriptions across multiple computers and devices. They can watch any show as many times as they want without missing a single episode.


The most important feature of the iptv is its compatibility with most of the major operating systems. You can easily switch from one device to another without the need of a problem. Moreover, you can easily switch between streaming and non- Streaming modes as well. With the help of the web browser, you can easily start streaming the programs you want. However, if you want to view a lot of channels, you can always go for the Beast TV app.

Affordable price

The third important feature of the Beast TV is that it has a very reasonable price for the quality service provided by it. It offers a huge content database for a very affordable price. The best part about the subscription is that you get access to over 500 channels including popular channels like Disney and Showtime. If you wish to spend less on your subscription, then you should select the units that do not have the latest content. The internet connection speed of these devices should be fast enough in order to stream the content without any interruption.

Massive content of movies

The other good things about the Beast it is that it allows the connection to stream movies. Movies are available in all genres and are ready to play from the library of the subscribers. You can either pause or rewind the movie, so you can easily skip any part you don’t want to see. This amazing device also provides the option of renting or buying movies. For the first time users, there is no monthly subscription fee required. After purchasing the device, you can immediately download and watch the channels you want.


In general, the Beast it are perfect gifts for children. It enables them to gain more knowledge about cable television and it also enables them to make educational lessons fun. Kids will surely enjoy this wonderful opportunity to know more about various channels, movies and television shows they love. Some kids even managed to learn how to download the content directly to their computers. So if you are planning to give a kid an amazing gift, the Beast TV is the perfect choice