Gears TV is a revolutionary Internet TV service, which provides a massive library of high quality TV shows and movies, along with a huge selection of international TV channels from over 100 countries. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what exactly are Gears TV and why it’s so popular. Gears TV has consistently been among the best free IPTV programs of all time, enabling its subscribers to watch virtually any TV show or film from any country, you can also enjoy live TV streaming on this website whenever there’s a major news story, international tournament or election going on. This service is totally free and no subscription is required, meaning you can start viewing immediately with absolutely no risk involved. Here’s how to get started.

Some outstanding features of Gears TV

Gears TV works great as a perfect player for any computer because it supports a wide variety of file formats. This means you can easily stream your favorite shows, news, movies and even music to your PC, iPhone or tablets with ease. It has been designed for optimal viewing comfort thanks to its beautiful design, which is very similar to modern plasma televisions. This TV software also comes with some of the biggest libraries of premium TV channels, so you can enjoy all the prestige and benefits of premium channels right at home without having to travel across the country to enjoy them. You will also have access to an incredible library of broadcast TV shows, sports events, documentaries, and other programs that you wouldn’t normally find somewhere else.

High compatibility

Gears TV is a very powerful and flexible program player. It’s built to make the most of all your digital media devices, including your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and more. By simply connecting your phone, internet cable, television subscription or home broadband connection, you can instantly begin enjoying one of the greatest premium channels on your device – absolutely hassle free! One of the coolest features of it is its complete set of channels, which includes some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment, sports, science, history, games, and more. There are literally thousands of channels available, so you’ll never be stuck for something to watch.

How to use Gears TV?

The first step to using it is to download the free Gears TV app from the iTunes Store. This is a small, one-time fee which gives you lifetime access to all of the Gears TV’s channels, no matter what type of device you own. If you sign up for the free ipod starter package, then you’ll get four months of it on any eligible device, giving you the ultimate home entertainment solution at a very affordable price. After your trial period is up, you’ll need to pay a small monthly subscription fee to continue enjoying your programming on your ipod.


When you sign up for the free ipod starter pack, you’ll also receive a free copy of Gears TV’s latest release, The Great Outdoors. This is another fantastic selection of channels, which include a huge inventory of seasonal sports coverage from some of the country’s top teams. If you love sports, you’ll love this app. If you hate sports, you’ll appreciate that this app isn’t exactly limitless. The good news is that with an annual subscription to the Gears TV service, you’ll automatically be allowed to download The Great Outdoors for free.

Additional channels without fee

As part of the its deal, if you own an eligible android smartphone, you automatically get access to all of the Gear TV’s channels, no matter what provider you subscribe to. For a more flexible experience, you can add on additional channels via a monthly charge. For example, if you’re interested in seeing a few sports channels, but not so much the soccer ones, you can choose to add on a channel dedicated to sports coverage or any other niche you might find interesting.

Premium channels

While it’s great to have access to popular channels like Comedy Centrals and TBS, there are certain channels that will always be important to you. If you’re already signed up for a Gear TV account, all you have to do is access the gear show box app and search for your favorite comedy network. From there you’ll be able to find all of your favorite channels, including HD episodes of your favorite comedy programs, as well as recording special episodes of your favorite daytime and late night talk shows. With a reloaded HD DVR, you can record a program and watch it as many times as you’d like. This is also true for movies, especially if you’re looking to catch up on a movie series that you’ve been waiting to see.


If you’re not connected to an internet or mobile connection, Gear Video doesn’t work unless you have the special television software installed on your smartphone. Fortunately, many cell phone users already have the Gear Video application installed, making it a very easy solution for the vast majority of mobile owners. Whether you’re an internet only person who wants to catch up on their favorite shows at night, or you’re a movie buff who wants to have the entire family together for some quality movie experience, Gears TV makes it possible. If you want the best entertainment for your phone, you need to check out Mobdro and Gears TV