IN DEVELOPMENT: Xtream Codes was once a very popular way that many individuals used to stream IPTV media. But, it has been taken down and now it has lead many users towards a very confusing situation. In actual fact, the internet users of Xtream codes were very confused as well. After the website was down for a while, the developers made an effort to launch it again. But this time, they have implemented a new user-friendly interface.

Impressions about Xtream codes

It is indeed difficult to find out the reason that has brought down Xtream Codes. Many users were under the impression that the site was hacked and now they could not access it. This was not true, as there was no such hacking attempt. But nevertheless, the website was redesigned and is once again providing IPTV streaming services.


Since the main aim of Xtream Codes was to provide quality streaming media, it was necessary for them to enhance its stability. Therefore, they employed the use of the latest technology which is the live transcoding service. They have added streaming stability features to the existing Xtream Codes that helps in reducing bandwidth wastage. With the help of transcoding, they are able to compress the movies. Moreover, they also make use of the power of the servers to enable fast, stable and uninterrupted transmission.

Various packages

To give you some idea about the new features in Xtream Codes, let us discuss how they work. When you visit their website, you would get to know that they offer the best quality iptv streaming services and also offer different types of packages depending on your requirement. They are offering two plans namely the Flexiplan and the Platinumplatz. Both plans are quite affordable and meet the requirements of different network providers. You can select any one plan according to your requirement and budget.

High compatibility

The other major feature that is worth noting in this connection is the Xtream-ui software that enables you to stream Xtreme TV from your PC or laptop. This software is actually a web browser that works like a TV-box. It displays the pictures directly on your computer screen. The software also enables you to control your cable or satellite connection directly through your PC.

High quality service

Till date, there is no other similar technology available in the market that also enables you to enjoy high speed internet services. When you browse through the internet, you will come across various kinds of offers promising great bundles and discounts. However, not all these offers can be true and some may even be scams. However, Xtream-ui can prove to be the best option because it uses the latest technology. This technology makes it codes easy to install and also enables the user to control their broadband or cable connection directly from their PC.


Moreover, if you were not able to watch any TV shows before due to some technical snag, you may not have to worry anymore. The Xtream-ui software will automatically shut down all the unnecessary programs that are causing instability to your broadband connection. Therefore, you do not have to worry when your favorite shows come to an end and you need to wait for a few hours for your iptv service provider to restart.


Xtream-ui has received numerous awards and commendations from top industry insiders. It has been featured in many online news sites and blogs due to its ease of use. In addition, it has been programmed to automatically download the latest updates from the latest into services like DirecTV and Dish Network. So, there is no need to worry about when your favorite shows or movies are going to end.